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Sydney Food and Nutrition Network

Transforming food and nutrition research
Our experts are changing the way we teach, think and learn about food and diets: reshaping local and international food systems, solving food and nutrition problems, and developing a culture of excellence in this area of research.

The Sydney Food and Nutrition Network brings together researchers and educators to share their knowledge of food and nutritional science and work towards our shared goals to:

  • contribute substantially towards the evolution of a food system that provides equity, as well as ecological and social sustainability, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • develop a culture of excellence in interdisciplinary food and nutrition research, teaching and translation, and establish the University as a world leader in this field.


We have created a structure in which researchers at Sydney combine their skills to develop interdisciplinary research projects that advance science and solve real‐world problems. The network already includes researchers from the areas of agriculture, architecture, ecology, engineering, geography, health and medicine, law, physics, the social sciences, and veterinary science.

Our network is integrated into the Planetary Health Platform, which examines the connections between the natural environment and the health of the global population. The Rockefeller Foundation-Lancet Commission on Planetary Health identified that the health of humanity – which has steadily improved over the past half century – is linked to the health of the environment, which is now in decline. The network’s projects are addressing one of the big issues of the Planetary Health Platform: how do we feed the world in a sustainable way?


Our research will have effects in our local community, regionally and globally.

The three big challenges we are tackling are:

  1. Making the University a global leader in the innovative use of global research to bring about change in global food systems
  2. Bringing together new combinations of expertise to identify solutions to regional food and nutrition problems
  3. Positioning the University as a local change agent in shaping Sydney’s food system

These challenges are the basis for three richly interconnected research programmes that share aims, concepts and methods. Our researchers will engage with other institutions and a range of industries to work towards these answers.


Chair: Professor David Raubenheimer 十堰浩顺台设备有限公司


David Raubenheimer joined the University in April 2013 as the Leonard P Ullmann Chair in Nutritional Ecology. David is a leading expert in nutritional ecology: the discipline that studies how nutrition-related aspects of an animal’s environment interact with its biology to determine health and fitness outcomes. His approach is comparative, using ecological and evolutionary diversity to understand these interactions. His studies of insects, fish, birds and a variety of mammals have helped develop a new, systems-based approach to human nutrition, which draws extensively on evolutionary and ecological theory.

Executive Director: Dr Sinead Boylan 昭通旺公吉贸易有限公司


Sinead Boylan has a passion for inter-disciplinary research at the intersection of food systems, health and the environment and this is reflected in her current roles at The University of Sydney: Executive Director of the Sydney Food and Nutrition Network; Executive Officer for the Climate Change, Human Health and Social Impacts Node at The University of Sydney. Her research aims to identify strategies to promote a healthy and sustainable diet. She strives for equitable, healthy food access for all. Sinead also lectures in food systems and sustainability.

Executive Officer: Ms Susan Martinez 泰安禄发贵有限公司


Susan Martinez has worked in the higher education sector for over 10 years. She has previously worked with the School of Public Health with a particular focus on research and higher research degrees providing executive support and advice. Susan has a keen interest in the area of food, food system, and the overall big question of ‘how do we feed the world?’


Download a list of all our current members (PDF 70KB)

You can become a member if you have a current or potential research interest in food and nutrition systems and:

  • you must be an employee of the University of Sydney; or
  • you are a postdoctoral fellow or postgraduate research student enrolled at the University of Sydney; or
  • you are employed by teaching hospitals and institutes of the University of Sydney; or
  • you hold an academic title award from the University of Sydney.

To join please complete our online form.


If you work in an institution outside of the University of Sydney and you are interested in collaborating with members of the Sydney Food and Nutrition Network, please contact us at


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